About Us

We’re A Spoonful of Sugar.

We help seriously ill children in hospital.

We do this by giving them the best

medicine they can get.

A laugh.

Each month, we send professional entertainers into the wards to give the children a healing dose of fun. We try our best to give them something to look forward to - like arranging a post-treatment VIP trip to Hamleys.

Our aim is to help the children forget where they are, forget the suffering and forget the monotony of hospitilisation. If we can achieve any of that, even for a second, it’s all worth it.

We already help children in the Carousel Ward of UCLH and Kings college hospital in London. Now we need your help to get to the hundreds of children in similar wards nationwide.

Every penny you can spare will go directly into bringing some much-needed fun and laughter to all of them.

Here are some things that people say about us:

"Visiting hospital as a child can be a harrowing and uncertain experience. The support that organisations such as A Spoonful of Sugar are able to provide is invaluable - retaining a link to childhood and bringing respite through laughter helps put young children and their families at ease at what can be an incredibly stressful time."
Director of Bone Marrow Transplants
Great Ormond Street Hospital

Dear Spoonful,
Just wanted to let you know that Bell the clown really made a girl who had been stuck in a dark room for 2 weeks a very happy girl. She is very good with all the children and makes them all smile.
Best wishes,
Play Specialist T11 South UCLH

Dear Spoonful of Sugar,
We would to say a BIG THANK YOU for all the shows you have funded this year. It has been amazing to offer children, siblings and families the opportunity to escape away from hospital procedures and treatments to enjoy a fun filled show. I see lots of smiles, hear laughter and gasps of delight.
Long term children so look forward to the next visit and the shows are talked about for days afterwards. The shows bring children and families together in one place. New friendships are formed.
Frances the artist creates great and expiring activity afternoons. She incorporates themes, festivals and events. We all take away ideas and skills from these sessions. The children are distracted once again and are able to express themselves.
We hope you are able to continue to offer these amazing experiences to the children and young people in 2012.
THANK YOU from all the children, families and staff at Kings College Hospital.
Kind Regards
Jackie Ambrose
Play Team Leader
Thomas Cook Centre

It was great FUN!!!
How does he do it? It was so fun, he blowed my MINED!
Finley (9 year old patient)

Hi Spoonful,
We think the entertainers you provide are simply magical! The children love having someone visiting the ward. For the children who are just here for the day it is a wonderful surprise and makes their day less traumatic and the children who can be here for weeks on end, it gives them something to look forward too!
Bertie does such brilliant magic tricks and Bertie and Boo always do our Christmas party and keeps 60+ children entertained for 3 hours!! As for Bell, she is our true celebrity on the ward and EVERYONE, of all ages, staff included love it when she comes to visit. She without a doubt makes everyone laugh, smile and brightens their day.
best wishes
Catherine Gardner
Play Specialist
T11 South UCLH

The magic show was really up lifting for all - children and parents alike - even the staff seemed to get a boost.
The magician engaged beautifully with the children, not by providing a distraction but by really engaging directly with each of the kids, all of them were included and made to feel special. There was something very intimate about the show, it was very touching,
Claire (Parent of patient)

Also one of the long term UCLH patients loved his Spoonful shows so much; his dad bought him a magic set and last Friday he was doing his own tricks on The One Show. Better still, he has now full yrecovered.